Molybdenum is an important hint mineral that happens naturally in meals and is accessible in dietary supplements. It’s a element of 4 completely different enzymes within the physique that assist break down proteins, alcohol, medication, and toxins. Molybdenum-containing enzymes additionally break down purines and sulfites. Purines are compounds metabolized from meals that type uric acid which, in elevated ranges, is a threat issue for gout. Sulfites are a preservative added to sure meals to take care of coloration and shelf-life; some individuals develop a sensitivity to sulfites, inflicting an allergic response. Molybdenum is saved within the liver, kidneys, and bone. The kidneys are environment friendly at eradicating extra quantities within the physique if not wanted.

Beneficial Quantities

RDA: The Beneficial Dietary Allowance (RDA) for grownup women and men 19+ years is 45 micrograms each day. Individuals 14+ years who’re pregnant or lactating require 50 micrograms each day.

UL: The Tolerable Higher Consumption Degree (UL) is the utmost each day consumption unlikely to trigger dangerous results on well being. The UL for molybdenum for adults 19+ years and people pregnant and lactating is 2,000 micrograms each day.

Molybdenum and Well being

Analysis shouldn’t be accessible on molybdenum as a remedy for particular illnesses or well being circumstances in people. [1]

Meals Sources

Molybdenum is generally present in legumes however can also be accessible from entire grains and beef liver. [1] The quantity present in meals varies relying on how a lot is current within the soil and water during which the meals was grown.

Legumes: black-eyed peas, lima beans, peanuts

Beef liver

Dairy: plain yogurt, milk

Potato with pores and skin

Fortified whole-grain cereals

Entire-wheat bread


Indicators of Deficiency and Toxicity


A molybdenum deficiency is extraordinarily uncommon within the U.S. Uncommon instances have been reported in infants with a genetic dysfunction during which the mineral can’t be use and due to this fact can’t break down sulfites, which can result in mind injury and seizures. A deficiency has additionally been seen in individuals receiving intravenous diet during which supplemental molybdenum was not added.

Indicators of deficiency embrace:

Seizures, dying in infants

Irregular coronary heart price in adults


Toxicity is uncommon in wholesome people. It has been reported in individuals with occupations comparable to mining and metalwork that expose them to extra quantities of the mineral, or in areas of the world which have increased ranges of molybdenum within the soil. Signs embrace achy joints, gout-like signs, and elevated ranges of uric acid. [1] Nonetheless, a toxicity from the weight loss program is very uncommon because the kidneys are very environment friendly at excreting any extra quantity.

Did You Know?

Though a handful of research have related very excessive intakes of molybdenum with elevated uric acid ranges, copper deficiency, and infertility, subsequent analysis has not confirmed these findings, with adverse results seen extra generally in animal analysis than people. [2]

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